Blue Jay Botanicals

All products made by hand, in small batches, infused with the best intentions. Chemical free. Local. Sustainable. My formulas are thought out and researched. I take my time and believe in the true beauty of taking it slow when I work with plants. I infuse my oils for long periods of time. A lot of them in the summer, under the sun and the moon

Wildcrafted in the forests of Curve Lake and Pigeon Lake region. Harvested in our gardens. Ethically sourced, organic ingredients. Blue Jay Botanicals provides quality herbal products.

My name is Cherianne and I am the herbalist behind Blue Jay Botanicals. I began studying plants and their uses in 2015. I was spending a summer in the most wild of places, 6 hours north of Thunder Bay. It was a tough summer and the plants kept me busy. I was taking pictures, drawing and looking them up in my field guide. An example of one of the many ways plants and nature provide us medicine. Over the last 3 years I have been mentored and taught by some of the finest herbalists and nature educators in my area. I have taken online courses, attended workshops and gatherings, read books, watched videos and so much more. This is truly a passion of mine. Currently I am attending Wild Rose College, School of Natural Healing. I am enrolled in the Practical Herbalist Diploma Program. 

Cherianne Cybulskie